We live in an area of cultural wealth! Our goals as a slow food community:

1. maintain a Slow Food presence in this community. There isn’t an occasion as an expressed member of this organization that we don’t get asked about what Slow Food represents. As such, we aren’t just members of some exclusive club, we are agents of change and education. Being present means we’ll endeavor to be at events in the community, break bread, to serve soup, to engage with the celebrations in our community.

2. continually work to have a local membership large enough to have a voice at both the national and international Slow Food level. As a relatively small community, we must commit to always having a healthy membership so that we can work to influence how food matters are dealt with at these larger gatherings.

3. mentor our youth in the principals and values outlined by the Slow Food organization. This notion of mentoring our youth around how they experience the world of food around them is key to affecting change. No one needs much convincing that our current food system has, to this point, done our youth a great dis-service. Rates of diabetes and obesity are on the rise and a firm response to the current food system and its outcomes will be key if we wish for our community to be healthy and engaged in their world.


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