GE Foods and Your Health National Tour November 12th

Slow Food Wellington County & the University of Guelph Slow Food  Chapter



University of Guelph, War Memorial Hall

Wednesday, November 12

(doors open 6:45, event begins at 7:00 pm)

Tickets sold at the door

$5 fee


Do you have questions or concerns regarding genetically engineered (GE) foods and your health?

The 2014 Genetically Engineered Foods and Your Health Cross-Canada Speakers’ Tour seeks to provide the Canadian public with an opportunity to discuss their concerns around GE foods from a scientific perspective.

imagesThe tour will feature a presentation by Dr. Thierry Vrain, who worked for 30 years as a soil biologist and genetic engineer with Agriculture Canada where he was head of a research group of 40 professional and technical employees from 1996 to 2002. Dr. Vrain has also been the Vice President and President of national and international associations of soil biologists, and an Associate Editor of several scientific journals in Europe and the USA.

Dr. Vrain is now retired and owns a small organic herb farm on Vancouver Island where he teaches soil health. No longer a supporter of genetic engineering technology and alarmed by the avalanche of scientific studies out of Europe raising many concerns about the long-term safety of genetically engineered foods, Dr. Vrain is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the hazards of GE foods and their production.

Tony-MitraMr. Tony Mitra is a retired Marine Engineer, podcaster, videographer, blogger, citizen journalist, and food security activist. He is busy writing his first e-book of essays, Canada Under GMO Attack, and has been interviewing scientists and activists, such as Vandana Shiva, around the world about GE technology and Food Security for the better part of a decade.

Tony is concerned with connecting people’s knowledge and experiences as they pertain to food security and biodiversity preservation, globally. He has been studying various levels of national legislation and international conventions that have relevance to food security and biodiversity preservation, and is using these to reflect on the state of Canada’s regulatory processes and compliance or non-compliance to international standards. He will speak about action items you can engage in either independently, or by joining with others to create change.

The Gene Revolution, by Dr. Thierry Vrain will:

1. Explain what genetic engineering is, how it began, and how it has progressed;

2. Define the documented effects of GE foods and how that relates to human health;

3. Discuss what the future holds for us if GE foods are not stopped.

Mr. Tony Mitra will:

1. Touch upon the UN Convention on Biodiversity, the Cartagena Protocol, Canada’s non-
compliance and the implications of this with regard to GMO;

2. Highlight what other areas of Canada are doing to create GE free zones, and how this is being addressed at both the Municipal and Provincial level

3. Talk about opportunities to elevate these Municipal and Provincial initiatives to a Canada-wide grass-roots movement.

Presentation Outline and Length: 2 hours

• Introduction – 15 minutes

• Dr. Thierry Vrain – 60 minutes

• Mr. Tony Mitra – 20 minutes

• Question and answer period



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